Peter Kowalke

My Hobbies

I like to say that I don’t watch movies, I live them.

While living life fully does takes most of my time, there’s still a little room for hobbies; I do, in fact, watch movies and participate in other “normal” activities like listening to music.

So if you’re curious how I spend my down-time, this page is for you.

Movies & Television

I love a good movie, one that expands your boundaries, makes you think, or sticks with you years after you watch it. While I don’t see many films on Netflix, I still go for “good” movies. I also watch sports, especially American football.


I listen to a lot of music; my iTunes library has more than 48,000 songs. Here’s some of the music I like.


The whole world is my home, and I live on the road. So naturally one of my hobbies is travel.