Peter Kowalke

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Cue Rocky Music

By on January 11, 2022

One advantage of being a growth coach is a quick rebound. I had an awful Nov and Dec, with significant bad news almost daily—everything from business issues and burst pipes in my kitchen to problems getting back to Bangkok. It was a pretty rough time. But I kept working at it, and I’ve turned things around.

The rebound began around the holidays, and now I have a recovery plan and forward momentum again. I’m still digging out of my hole, but I’m back to something like normal now—I’m just a little behind.

Central to my recovery is getting back to Bangkok by the end of this month, even if Omicron doesn’t let up. It has been hard waiting on an airport runway for almost three months now, and I’ve basically decided I’ll be flying to Bangkok on Jan 29 no matter what quarantine or hassles I face.

I’ve also figured out how to handle the business issues that I’ve been facing recently, and I just produced a new relationship workbook for my coaching clients. Relationship work always excites me.

Things are going swimmingly with my Thai language work, too, and I admit that the unfailing optimism of my new Thai tutor has really helped as I pick myself back up.

Right now I’m relatively excited about the new year. Su su, as they say in Thai.

Peter is a relationship coach, writer/producer, and R&D monastic. He splits his time between San Francisco and Asia. Read more about Peter.