Peter Kowalke

Frequently Asked Questions

Peter’s awesome, but he’s uncommon. So here is a list of questions that Peter frequently has to answer about himself. If you think he should add a question, contact Peter and let him know.

Connecting with Peter

Where are photos of Peter?

Peter keeps his photo albums on his Photos page.

What’s the best way to reach Peter?

Email Peter. This is far and away the best way to reach him and get the fastest response, although he does also respond by Facebook, phone and other methods. The response time will be dramatically faster if you write him by email. You can reach Peter through his Contact form.


How does Peter make a living?

Peter makes his living through his relationship coaching work and his content marketing business. As a semi-monastic living in voluntary poverty, however, his financial needs are minimal so most of his income is donated to charity.

Does he work while traveling?

Yes. Peter works year-round, seven days a week. Because he works remotely, he also works while traveling–especially in airports! If you don’t see Peter, he probably is working.

Where does Peter live and why does he move so often?

By design, Peter does not have a home. Instead he has “homebases,” which are guaranteed places he can stay with advance notice. These homebases usually are rented out when Peter is not in town. The reason for this system is so Peter does not get too attached to any one place, which is part of his spiritual practice. He also travels frequently.

Currently, Peter has homebases in San Francisco, Cleveland, Cebu City and Bangkok.

How does Peter afford all his travel?

Peter shifts residencies, he doesn’t travel as a tourist. As such, the cost of travel is the same as his daily living expenses in most cases. He flies budget airlines and eats simply. He doesn’t purchase souvenirs or packaged tours. He rents apartments, stays with friends, and sleeps in hostels when traveling. In most cases, living in affordable locations abroad also offsets the long-haul flight costs.

 Why does Peter live so simply?

Material possessions make us happy in the short term, but they chain us and make us unhappy in the long-term. Following his spiritual path, Peter strives to own as little as possible and live simply so he can focus on what’s really important.

Peter’s in the process of setting up the Philia Mission so his income can be funneled to the organization, and a portion of that money then can be allocated back for his basic needs (thereby reducing his focus on money). The rest will go toward the poor in Asia and his non-profit work.


What is Vedanta?

See American Vedanta’s brief overview of Vedanta.

What is a monastic?

Definitions vary, but essentially a monastic is someone who prioritizes spiritual life above all else. Often this takes the form of renunciation, as the inner purity gained from renunciation creates the space for God and the higher ideals of spiritual life. Read Peter’s essay, “Monasticism is a Choice We All Can Make.