Peter Kowalke

Peter’s Year in Review 2023

By on December 31, 2023

After a busy week in China, I’m now back in Bangkok and getting ready for 2024.

With that in mind, here’s a look back at 2023 and all that happened with me the past year.


The year started fast: packing up my Nairobi apt, two safaris in Kenya, visiting the old port city of Mombasa. Then I headed to Uganda for Class 5 rapids and the region’s tallest ziplines. I ended the month in Ethiopia.


A short rest in Ethiopia, then I left Africa for the USA. I stopped over to visit a friend in Washington, DC, then spent the rest of the month in Ohio seeing family and settling in.


March was heavy writing work, and adjusting to the sudden rise of AI. I also developed an online course for safely preserving digital photos (a big need!).


In April I completely refreshed my wardrobe, began a year-long deep dive on African history, and rebooted my spiritual life through church volunteering and frequent spiritual retreats in Pittsburgh.

May & June

More family, more photo preservation work, more retreats. But in June I also started writing my autobiography as a way to reconnect with myself after getting lost during the pandemic.


July brought a basketball-related toe injury, and my laptop unexpectedly died right after I printed the first draft of my autobiography. That was close! A New York City friend also visited.

August & September

With my time in Ohio coming to a close, I prepared for another year on the road and worked on my jumpshot during late summer. A mysterious heart problem also sent me to the emergency room (I am fine).


October was January in reverse. Back to DC, back to Nairobi, back to Ethiopia. During my hectic but amazing two weeks in Nairobi, I realized Kenya has become home (well, one of them).


Returning to Thailand after a year away, in November I hit the gym hard and began hosting twice-monthly dinner parties in Bangkok. I also re-injured my toe and prepared for a major relationship coaching product launch.


I started a Vedanta youth group, began a daily meditation practice, and attended several Thai rock concerts. I cooked a lot, worked on the product launch, and spent time with visiting friends. Then I jetted off to Chengdu, China for a New Year’s Eve vacation.

Peter is a relationship coach, writer/producer, and R&D monastic. He splits his time between San Francisco and Asia. Read more about Peter.