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What Covid Taught Me: Be Kind

By on July 25, 2022

After 941 days of avoiding the virus, I finally got Covid. Apparently vaccine overdose was not enough during this time when almost everyone is finally getting it (or getting it a second time).

My personal experience with the virus was neither the best nor the worst: I was sick for about a week, with a heavy fever and a bad sore throat for the first three days. My sense of taste got thrown off (my skin tasted like a used penny, my som tum had hints of cigar ash), and the virus definitely reached my lungs. But I’m okay now except for some lingering long Covid symptoms to be determined later.

Mostly Covid was interesting, and it reminded me that I should be more kind.

That’s because I probably felt a little superior for having missed Covid so long. But anyone can catch it, and this was a good reminder that we as humans generally overestimate ourselves and underestimate others. So getting Covid helped me remember to judge people more kindly. I’m thankful for the illness and this important reminder.

Watch this short video I recorded during my second day with the virus. You get to hear my Covid voice, among other things.

Watch the video of me with Covid

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