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My 2020 Travel (Yes, I’m Flying Again)

By on May 3, 2020

You might wonder what happens to a guy who lives on the road during a worldwide lockdown…

I go into lockdown, too. I just don’t stay in lockdown that long.

When planes were grounded and borders were shut, I cancelled or paused my various travel plans for a few months and bedded down in Bangkok. But now that airlines are ramping back up and borders are reopening, I’m getting ready to go on the road again.

In anticipation of what’s to come, last week I finalized my 2020 travel plans and booked flights on airlines that aren’t even running right now. There’s obviously a lot of uncertainty, and I expect a second wave of the coronavirus later this year. But for a host of business reasons I need to be in the U.S. this summer, so the show must go on—God willing.

Here’s my upcoming travel schedule, barring pandemic-related adjustments.

Peter’s 2020 Travel Schedule

  • Manila, Philippines (July 30, 2020)
  • Cleveland, Ohio (July 31-Nov 10, 2020)
  • San Francisco, Calif. (Nov 10-18, 2020)
  • Los Angeles, Calif. (Nov 18-23, 2020)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Nov 25, 2020-Jan 21, 2021)

As you can see, I’m traveling less. Normally I would be visiting twice as many cities during this timeframe, but due to the coronavirus I’m basically just switching my lockdown position from Asia to the U.S. Assuming the world will establish a new normal by the end of the year, next year should get busy again with loads of travel.

There were a lot of hard decisions when planning my schedule this year. Both Toronto and Mexico City got cut, as did expected trips to Seattle, Dallas, Delhi and Sofia (that’s Bulgaria). I’ve also greatly scaled back my time in San Francisco, and I won’t make it to Brussels, Singapore, Jakarta or Hanoi until next year. #pandemic-life

If you’re not in one of the cities I will be visiting, there’s always Zoom. Or Skype, since Zoom sucks. Let’s stay in touch.

As always, you can track me in real-time and get updates on my travel plans with my location tracker.

Peter is a relationship coach, writer/producer, and R&D monastic. He splits his time between San Francisco and Asia. Read more about Peter.